womens hair loss womens hair loss

womens hair loss
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womens hair loss

Womens Hair


Hair loss was once an issue that predominately was thought to effect men and wasn't something that women had to worry about. Sadly, as time progressed, the number of women losing their hair and searching for alternatives to baldness had increased. In 2013, the total number of women suffering from hair loss was around 21 million, 80% of which noticed it before 60 years old. With the numbers increasing, women needed a solution.

Similar to men, a lot of the reasons for hair loss are pretty uniform, hormones, health, and genetics, with a couple of extenuating circumstances for the loss. Unlike men, women losing the fight against hair loss had no real outlook and were far more frowned upon than men, with the same condition. Being that it is non-life threatening, physicians paid little attention.

Thanks to the increased amount of hair loss from women, who make up about 40% of the balding population, there have been strides in aiding women deal with those unsightly patches. Though a lot of medications haven't been tested for women, laser therapies as well as prosthesis have proven to please.

Operated by a woman, Capilia Elite Hair Alternatives Orlando provides ladies dealing with hair loss a place to be catered to and treated accordingly. At Capilia, there are a number of alternatives to combat bald. Women won't have to lose their heads over their hair.